1. Initial Design Meeting

It is critical that all projects begin with both the client and ourselves having a clear understanding of the desired end result. An initial design meeting will discuss topics such as building design, project timelines, budgets, and scope of work will ensure all parties are working toward a common goal. This meeting will enable Island Drafting to prepare a comprehensive proposal detailing the project process and associated costs.


2. Preliminary Design Meeting

Upon the clients acceptance of Island Draftings project proposal, we move onto the Preliminary Design Phase, whereby we will begin working on the drawings required to meet your project goals. This step may include preparing “as-built” drawings of pre-existing structures that are required for incorporation into a project or for new construction projects the services of architects, surveyors, and engineers, where applicable, will be employed. Preliminary floor plans, elevations, and site plans will be included in this design phase if required.


3. Preliminary Design Review & Revisions

The client has now been provided with copies of the applicable plans and they have been carefully reviewed. We will now meet with you to discuss the plans, requested revisions, consequences for the changes to the plans and the potential impacts on budgets. This is an extremely important step. Upon confirmation and acceptance of the preliminary design and required changes, additional details will be added to complete the design phase.


4. Preliminary Design Approval

With the changes and adjustments made as discussed during the Preliminary Design Review, we will provide the completed design drawings to the client. The client conducts a final review and approves the drawings, thereby authorizing Island Drafting to proceed to construction drawings, if required. It is at this stage or earlier that the client should have their builder review the plans for budget purposes.


5. Construction Drawings

plans3Final blueprints with all the construction details (i.e. foundation plans, wall sections, and product specifications) are completed and provided to the client in the agreed upon format. These plans enable the client to obtain their construction quotes and the permits necessary to complete their project. This is the conclusion of the design process. At this point, the client or the contractor may take responsibility of the final construction or should the client choose, Island Drafting may be chosen to manage the project until its completion.